UNIVIE Teaching Award 2024: Life Sciences

Faculty of Life Sciences and Centre for Molecular Biology


We are excited to announce the launch of the Teaching Awards, an initiative jointly organized this year by our Faculty of Life Sciences and the Centre for Molecular Biology. These awards aim to celebrate and reward innovative teaching methods and are an important step in recognizing and encouraging excellence in teaching.


About the Teaching Awards:

This year, our Faculty, in collaboration with the Centre for Molecular Biology, will award up to four Teaching Awards. For each study programme (biology, molecular biology, pharmacy and nutritional sciences) one award will be presented, each worth € 3000,-. The focus will be on recognising outstanding contributions to innovative, digital teaching methods that support self-directed learning. The topic of this year's awards is therefore "Digital support of self learning phases with high quality materials".

In an effort to encompass the diversity of our teaching, we have designed the awards to be inclusive of all types of courses - with non-continuous assessment and with continuous assessment. Furthermore, these awards are open to teaching activities at both Bachelor and Master level. We believe in providing equal opportunities for all types of courses and at all levels of study.


Award details, application and selection process:

Each Teaching Award comes with a prize of € 3000,- and we encourage all eligible faculty members to participate by submitting their applications. The application process is open to all lecturers, regardless of their teaching role or experience. For self-nominations please fill out this application form and send it to dekanat.lewi@univie.ac.at. External nominations are closed, the deadline was 19/04/2024. Everyone (from students to vice-deans) was welcome to submit names of people who might be eligible for the award. The nominated lecturers will be contacted by us - without revealing the name of the nominator - and will be encouraged to complete the form below.

In order to ensure a fair and comprehensive evaluation, a diverse panel of judges will be assembled, with at least 50% student representatives. This approach aims to provide a balanced perspective and reflect the opinions and preferences of those directly impacted by the teaching methods.


Requirements for consideration:

To be eligible for consideration, teaching activities must meet the following criteria:

  • Course held by: Open to all teaching staff (SPL30, 31, 32 and 33)
  • Course types: All course types
  • Academic levels: Both Bachelor and Master level
  • Key criterion: Digital support of self learning phases with high quality materials



The deadline for:

  • external nominations is 19/04/2024
  • self-nominations is 30/04/2024

The awards will be presented in October.

We are excited about the prospect of showcasing and rewarding the outstanding efforts of our faculty in adopting and advancing digital teaching methods. Your participation is key to the success of this initiative and we look forward to receiving a large number of entries.