Faculty Awards & Grants

In consultation with representatives of the Postdoc Network@lifesciences, the Faculty has developed a comprehensive and ambitious package of support measures for postdoctoral researchers, with a particular focus on those on fixed-term contracts:

The Young Investigator Award recognises the outstanding publication record of early postdocs and provides funding to support their research.

Similarly, the Gertrud Pleskot Award recognises the outstanding publication record of highly qualified female postdoctoral researchers, enhancing their visibility and career prospects.

The Research Support Grants promote skills development and networking by providing financial support for the presentation of results at scientific meetings, workshops, training and short-term research visits.

The Postdoctoral Researcher Seed Grant supports individual or collaborative projects, encourages interdisciplinary work and paves the way for external funding applications.

Finally, the funding initiative Interdisciplinary Research Networks promotes collaboration within the faculty and with institutions at the Vienna BioCenter (VBC).

Taken together, these measures reflect the Faculty's commitment to supporting postdoctoral researchers in a highly critical phase of their academic careers and to cultivating a vibrant academic community. The initiatives not only provide financial support, but also facilitate skills development, networking and collaborative research, enabling promising individuals to become scientific leaders and make impactful contributions to the academic community.